Wednesday, May 22, 2013

From the Jewish Internet Defense Force's Google Plus page
PLEASE SHARE WIDELY!: Please very careful with whom you associate. Not everyone who appears to be "pro-Israel" is a good person. If you or anyone else  you know have been harassed, defamed, impersonated, threatened and/or spammed by the Joel Leyden (as we, and many other friends, Jews, and Israel supporters have been), there is now a legal precedent which may help you. - And here's the result of the complaint:

Since we went public with this, many of his victims have come forward. Please see this 66 page PDF: which documents his harassment of Jews and Israel supporters, even further.

Please be aware of this jerk. Neither he nor any of his associates can be trusted. As documented in the aforementioned case, he attempts to cybersquat, defame, threaten, harass, and endanger various Jews and Israelis, as well as Jewish and pro-Israel organizations.

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