Wednesday, May 22, 2013


A new document entitled "Joel Leyden HARASSMENT, MALICIOUS FALSEHOOD AND LIBEL" has surfaced from one of Joel Leyden's many victims, here's just an excerpt, but we urge you to read all of it:
This document concerns and contains information about Joel Leyden and his malicious internet activity that has resulted a multitude of domain hijackings, harassment, defamation, libel and slander allegations to many people on the internet.....The information gathered was discovered through the use of Open Source Intelligence which has resulted in a substantial amount of information gathered on Joel Leyden. Our initial goal was to have certain web sites and defamatory statements removed however companies such as and require that subpoenas and injunctions be sent to them in order to remove this information.Further,through phone calls the Los Angeles Police Department and the FBI pointed us in the directionof with little or no help from the authorities we were left with no other choice than to investigate Joel Leyden on our own. After numerous attempts to negotiate with Joel to remove this content we have been unsuccessful. While emotionally and monetarily draining we found ourselves with information that not only pointed to more internet victims, but also victims in Israel and the United kingdom with the same charges, but in addition to the numerous victims on the internet we have uncovered that Joel was also has outstanding charges for Rape, Sexual Misconduct with a child with multiple allegations of these same offenses.

On October 25th 2010 Joel fled Israel on an American passport to escape these charges and being brought to justice. Other possible reasons for Joel fleeing Israel were to escape Debtors Prison for child support money that was owed to his Ex-Wife, Julie Portner. What will be presented in this document will be evidence toward behavior of Joel Leyden’s internet etiquette and method of operation and then, as the leads were followed, point you into the new issues that were uncovered on Joel Leyden and his criminal background.

Our primary objective is to establish and ultimately prove our case against Joel Leyden and have ALL defamatory, harassing, libelous web properties removed permanently and to have criminal chargesbrought against Joel Leyden for his continuous use of these tactics to extort money from not only Richard Maize and Michael Martinez, but all of the other victims who suffer from the demands to remove the content for money. We also seek to repair our online reputations by obtaining 1) a restraining order from any future ma licious conduct by Joel Leyden or any Alias used in such act & 2) to obtain a multi-party injunction for any and all use to remove this malicious content by serving it to the appropriate web properties that contain such content.

Our secondary objective is to see to it that, through the information that has been uncovered, he is broughtto justice and is accountable for any other criminal allegations and charges that he has escaped from.

While there is a massive amount of relevant findings to prove our case against Joel Leyden as a predator on the internet, we do not want this to over shadow the fact that he also has a physical presence as a criminal unaccounted for hard crimes in other nations. We feel that this compounds and over shadows the fact that he is a predator on the internet intent on finding new victims for whatever use he finds necessary. Whether it be to emotionally disturb individuals or companies to submit into extortion practices or to simply menace the internet community the evidence, as well as the internet, shows that there is a large amount of evidence either from his own mouth or from others that have been harassed or stalked over time. As of recent there has been as escalation of events taking place to defame others of shady business practices and claiming, himself a victim of what he actually commits. For the sake of brevity, we will show screen shots in the main document and provide an appendix of full documents.....

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