Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fraudulent "Israel News Agency" Removed from Google News

As we reported earlier, "Israel News Agency" is a fraudulent enterprise run by a criminal harasser and defamer of many good people. We asked you to report it to Google, as Joel Leyden's fraudulent "Israel News Agency" follows none of Google News' guidelines for inclusion. He abused Google News, posting many fraudulent stories for personal gain. Joel Leyden and his fraudulent "Israel New Agency" exist solely to promote themselves. Leyden also abused Google News using his status in the Google News index to threaten and harass many good people.

Quite simply, if you don't do or say what Joel Leyden wants you to do or say (whether it's give him $2,000 or refrain from criticizing his fraud, defamation, and harassment), he will threaten to destroy your reputation online, and he will use his fraudulent "Israel News Agency" and whatever other tools he has, or can find, at his disposal.

Kudos to Google, for taking the proper stand in this case!

Leyden has been busy lately, continuing with his defamatory spam on Facebook. He and his buddies "Phillip Pasmanick", "Alain Horoit", and "Michael Mendelson" have created a new fraudulent effort they're spamming all over the place which claims to be against "slander."  The ironic and hypocritical thing is that they are using their fake effort to slander good people, themselves! They flat-out make up lies about people.

In other news, many people in the Jewish and pro-Israel community throughout Europe claim to have been defrauded of tens of thousands of dollars by Alain Horoit, Leyden's close buddy and apparent partner in crime. Horoit is famous for trying to sell goods that many people say they never received. He also tried to sell a book with hundreds of blank pages, for around $20. If you Google him, you can read all about it. He runs a lot of pages on Facebook such as "Hatikvah" and something called "Mr. Never Give Up."

Be wary of all these frauds and their associates. They claim to be doing work for Jews and Israel, but they're spending a lot of their time attacking good people with defamatory spam. If you Google them, just know that all the "good" stuff is stuff they've probably written about themselves, and all or most of the bad stuff, is true.

Leyden also tried to post his fraudulent, defamatory, and nonsensical "Israel News Agency"  "article" at the "Free Republic" site, but it was quickly removed, as they saw it for what it was. The people who had an opportunity to comment on Leyden's nonsense before it was taken down, were great, as they were all familiar with Leyden's fraud. They ridiculed him and his defamatory "article." It was fantastic.  You don't get to see that on Facebook because these fraudsters simply ban and remove anyone's comments who try to question or reason with them.

They are also abusing the "Causes" petition site, using a the fraudulent "article" in the fraudulent "Israel News Agency" to back their fraudulent claims against a group which dares to call out their fraud. The "article" was written by one "Karen Levy." Does she even exist? Or is it another Joel Leyden alias? We're not sure.

We have contacted "Causes" about this petition and hope to see it come down, too.

They've also put their fraudulent and defamatory "article" into a site for press releases, against that site's TOS, as well, so we hope to hear back about.

In a nutshell, anywhere they can spam defamatory and harassing information about people they don't like, or that they disagree with, they are. And most of those places have TOS against such activities.

It seems a big part of it is that these people just enjoy the attention, so we're going to try to keep our posts to a minimum. However, we will continue to privately document their fraud and attacks, and coordinate with attorneys, law enforcement, and their many victims to pursue these criminals legally.

They can spam their lies about good people all they want. Brainless fools who don't do their homework may even "support" them. But it doesn't make anything they say or do against others, true.

Again, the fraud is clear from their new effort, which claims to be against slander on one hand while simultaneously committing it on the other. These guys are the ultimate hypocrites and frauds. They are nobody in the Jewish/Israel world, and are clearly jealous of people who do excellent work.

These fraudsters can make up all they want about people, but it doesn't make it true. We'll let rational minds prevail, much like they did at Google, and at Free Republic, and like they will in courts of law, too.

If you see anyone linking to "Israel News Agency" or citing it as a source, please let them know the facts behind it.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Israel News Agency" = Fraudulent News Agency

From our friends at the JIDF:

Joel Leyden, and his fraudulent "Israel News Agency" were actually banned and removed from Wikipoedia.

Wikipedia admins were spot on with the case:
Joel Leyden is a known SEO spammer and states that on his website. He is using Wikipedia, and has admitted as such, to get traffic to his blog. He is not a noted journalist. I state this unequivocally as someone who has worked for 15 years in the Israeli media, and as anyone from the Hebrew Wikipedia will tell you. In fact, he is an unknown in Israel. Here is a classic example of someone abusing Wikipedia for personal gain. What is worse, his blog (and as an examination will show, it is nothing more) is one of the tools he is using to fight a custody battle with his ex-wife over his children. As a user, now banned, he attempted to use wikipedia to fight this same custody battle, as a perusal of the history of Raanana will show. In addition, he was banned for harassing another user, both online and in person. The votes to keep included sockpuppets and personal friends, who have fewer than ten edits each, i.e., make 3 edits and vote for Joel. I am not even going to discuss his personal attacks against me or the foundation on his blog. Given the confusion of information and misinformation there, I can only wonder what kind of nonsense he is posting in his article. Nevertheless, I will state this, summarizing a lengthy email which I sent to the Arb Com about two months ago: if the Hebrew Wikipedia, based in Israel, sees fit to include a version of the article about him or his blog, I will support its inclusion in English. If not, I will continue to regard it as simple SEO spam and unverifiable drivel by someone attempting to use wikipedia to attain fame and pursue his own, selfish agenda, using false information, sock puppets, and what have you. I sincerely hope that this is not the direction that Wikipedia is taking.
As you can see, we're not the only Jews and Israel supporters speaking out against this fraud.  And it should be noted that Joel Leyden's "Israel News Agency" is not an official Israel News Agency. Anyone can take a quick look at his piece of crap website to see that. It's an SEO spam platform that Leyden uses to promote himself and to attack others. Nothing more. Leyden recently threatened to continue to spread lies about us on his site, which is somehow indexed in Google News.

However, if you actually study the guidelines and requirements to be included and indexed Google News, you can see that Leyden's fraudulent "Israel News Agency" meets few, if any, of them, and that his site is in clear violation of many, if not most, of those guidelines.

Thus, we urge you to report his site, here.

There's simply no reason a self-promotional SEO site used also to harass and defame Jews and Israel supporters, and which barely publishes any content should be included in Google News. If you don't know what to write on the form, you can click here to see some suggestions. 

Joel Leyden Continues to Criminally Harass and Defame Good People

We're continuing to receive reports with regard to Joel Leyden's harassment and defamation of good people. He most recently threatened a woman online, claiming that he was going to call the police on her if she didn't remove her criticism of him. We've also discovered many other important links concerning Joel Leyden's harassment, defamation, cybersquatting, fraud, abuse, and extortion:

Here are just some of the reviews, complaints, legal documents, criminal reports, and other reports about Joel Leyden:
The following are more aliases, DBA’s, and other entities in which he is involved or associated:

Leyden Digital” (leydendigital.com), “Israel News Agency” (israelnewsagency.com), “Israel PR” (israelpr.com), “Jewish PR” (jewishpr.co), “Israel SEO PR” (israelseopr.co), “Reputation Management PR” (reputationmanagementpr.com), “London SEO PR” (londonseopr.com), “israel Public Relations Institute” (groups.yahoo.com/group/Israelpr), “Internet Marketing SEO PR” (facebook.com/internetmarketingseopr), “Joel Leyden New York” (facebook.com/pages/Joel-Leyden-New-York/365115303605452), “Joel Leyden SEO PR” (joelleydenseopr.com), “Joel Leden” (joelleyden.net), “Leyden Communications Internet Marketing, SEO, Digital PR” (facebook.com/LeydenDigitalPRSEO), “Passover” (facebook.com/HappyPassover), “Hatikvah” (facebook.com/Hatikvah1), “Jerusalem - Capital of Israel” (facebook.com/jerusalemcapitalisrael), “Israel Humanitarian Aid” (facebook.com/IsraelHumanitarianAid), “Joel Leyden” (facebook.com/Joelonsrael), “Jewish Business Networking” (facebook.com/JewishBusinessNetworking), “Jewish Fathers” (facebook.com/JewishFathers), “Children 4 Israel (facebook.com/Children4Israel), “Israel News Agency” (facebook.com/IsraelNewsAgency), “I Support the Israel Defense Forces In Preventing Terror Attacks From Gaza” (facebook.com/groups/supportidfpreventterrorattacks), “Online Reputation PR” (onlinereputationpr.com), “Joel Leyden” (joel-leyden.com), “Joel Leyden SEO” (seojoelleyden.com) , “Joel Leyden LInkedin” (linkedin.com/in/joelleydendigitalprsocialmedia), “IsraelBeach YouTube” (youtube.com/user/Israelbeach), “Joel Leyden Slideshare” (slideshare.net/joelmleyden), “Joel Leyden” (joelleyden.org), “Joel Leyden” (blogger.com/profile/04624371724955110180), “Phillip Pasmanick’s Israel & Stuff” (facebook.com/ISRAELandStuff), “Fathers for Justice Israel” (groups.yahoo.com/group/fathers-4-justice-israel/, “Digital PR 4 Israel” (facebook.com/DigitalPR4Israel), "Stop Lashon Hara - Slander and Libel", "Coalition Against Cyber Bullying", facebook.com/StopLashonHaraSlanderAndLibel, facebook.com/CoalitionAgainstCyberBullying 

He often uses the same retorts or rebuttals (using fake names) against anyone criticizing him, or calling out his rampant online abuse. Some of these including:
  • He will claim whoever is making the complaint is being investigated by the FBI, CIA, Police, or other law enforcement agency
  • He will claim whoever criticizes him is in Iran
  • He will claim that who he’s “known Joel Leyden for 15 years
  • He will claim the complainant is guilty of libel and defamation
  • He will claim the complainant is a “professional con artist”
  • He will make up completely false information about people he suspects are complaining
  • He will falsely accuse people of hacking him and cyber-harassing him
  • He will falsely claim that he is a “highly respected” consultant in the Jewish community
  • He will falsely claim he served in the IDF as an officer in three wars
  • He will falsely claim he serves as a “senior advisor” for the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
He claims to be in the business of “reputation management”, but as you can see, it appears the only person’s reputation he tries to manage, is his own. Most of the top results for his name are for his own spammy duplicitous and crappy websites. So I urge everyone to review this information, and to help spread it, if you agree that Joel Leyden is indeed a threat that must be called out.

Some of Leyden's close associates, who aid and abet his criminal behavior are "Philip Pasmanick" and "Michael Mendelson." We're not sure if those are their real names. If you encounter these people online, or elsewhere, please be wary.