Thursday, June 20, 2013

Joel Leyden Continues to Criminally Harass and Defame Good People

We're continuing to receive reports with regard to Joel Leyden's harassment and defamation of good people. He most recently threatened a woman online, claiming that he was going to call the police on her if she didn't remove her criticism of him. We've also discovered many other important links concerning Joel Leyden's harassment, defamation, cybersquatting, fraud, abuse, and extortion:

Here are just some of the reviews, complaints, legal documents, criminal reports, and other reports about Joel Leyden:
The following are more aliases, DBA’s, and other entities in which he is involved or associated:

Leyden Digital” (, “Israel News Agency” (, “Israel PR” (, “Jewish PR” (, “Israel SEO PR” (, “Reputation Management PR” (, “London SEO PR” (, “israel Public Relations Institute” (, “Internet Marketing SEO PR” (, “Joel Leyden New York” (, “Joel Leyden SEO PR” (, “Joel Leden” (, “Leyden Communications Internet Marketing, SEO, Digital PR” (, “Passover” (, “Hatikvah” (, “Jerusalem - Capital of Israel” (, “Israel Humanitarian Aid” (, “Joel Leyden” (, “Jewish Business Networking” (, “Jewish Fathers” (, “Children 4 Israel (, “Israel News Agency” (, “I Support the Israel Defense Forces In Preventing Terror Attacks From Gaza” (, “Online Reputation PR” (, “Joel Leyden” (, “Joel Leyden SEO” ( , “Joel Leyden LInkedin” (, “IsraelBeach YouTube” (, “Joel Leyden Slideshare” (, “Joel Leyden” (, “Joel Leyden” (, “Phillip Pasmanick’s Israel & Stuff” (, “Fathers for Justice Israel” (, “Digital PR 4 Israel” (, "Stop Lashon Hara - Slander and Libel", "Coalition Against Cyber Bullying",, 

He often uses the same retorts or rebuttals (using fake names) against anyone criticizing him, or calling out his rampant online abuse. Some of these including:
  • He will claim whoever is making the complaint is being investigated by the FBI, CIA, Police, or other law enforcement agency
  • He will claim whoever criticizes him is in Iran
  • He will claim that who he’s “known Joel Leyden for 15 years
  • He will claim the complainant is guilty of libel and defamation
  • He will claim the complainant is a “professional con artist”
  • He will make up completely false information about people he suspects are complaining
  • He will falsely accuse people of hacking him and cyber-harassing him
  • He will falsely claim that he is a “highly respected” consultant in the Jewish community
  • He will falsely claim he served in the IDF as an officer in three wars
  • He will falsely claim he serves as a “senior advisor” for the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
He claims to be in the business of “reputation management”, but as you can see, it appears the only person’s reputation he tries to manage, is his own. Most of the top results for his name are for his own spammy duplicitous and crappy websites. So I urge everyone to review this information, and to help spread it, if you agree that Joel Leyden is indeed a threat that must be called out.

Some of Leyden's close associates, who aid and abet his criminal behavior are "Philip Pasmanick" and "Michael Mendelson." We're not sure if those are their real names. If you encounter these people online, or elsewhere, please be wary.

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