Friday, July 5, 2013


Jews, Israel supporters, Israelis, soldiers in the IDF, and others are being defamed, harassed, and defrauded by the creator of the "Hatikvah" page ("Alain Horoit) and some of the other admins associated with it (such as "Joel Leyden" and "Phillip Pasmanick"). If you are a fan of the page, we urge you to unlike it and report it for spam and harassment, immediately. While the page might appear to be Kosher at first glance, if you look more closely, you can see disturbing trends, such as breaching the privacy, safety, and security of Jews and Israel supporters, and even supporting the murder of certain leaders in the Jewish and pro-Israel community!
To learn more about "Joel Leyden", please read the other information on our site.
To learn more about "Alain Horoit", please see this letter  and this list of many of his victims.

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