Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fraudulent Causes: "Stop Lashon Hara - Slander and Libel" and the "Coalition Against Cyber Bullying"

These two fake causes were recently created and supported by internet frauds and cyber bullies and criminals "Joel Leyden" and "Alain Horoit." Their buddy Phillip Pasmanick may also be behind it, as he's always promoting their pages and blindly supporting these frauds with spam every opportunity he gets.

They are using these fraudulent fronts to hypocritically defame and attack the many people who rightfully call out their lies and abuse. Beware of these fake causes and the people behind them, and who support them. If you see your friends supporting them in any way, be sure to make them aware that these are fraudulent causes run by fraudulent people we believe are responsible for serious crimes online such as fraud, identity theft, posting of people's social security numbers, harassment, and abuse. 

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  1. I wrote two days ago Phillip Pasmanick a big note about Alain Horoit. He always talking about keeping it fair and honest. He always want prove what i can understand so why is he only listening to Alain and not to all his victimes like me. Why does Philippe write that Alain is a victime of cybercrime??? If he wants to play it fair and honest he should write that there are questions about Alain. THIS IS FAIR AND HONEST. Alain Horoit ownes me about 16000 euro's. I had a case in courth because of Alain Horoit wich i won so i will send the prove to Philippe. I have the feeling as well that Phillip is protecting Alain. Why does he egnore all his victimes??? Are we all lying and is Alain speaking the truth??? I will never see my money back but at least i can talk about my own experiance and i hope other will learn from it. Yesterday my conversation with Phillip on internet was desapeared. I asked Phillip why he removed our conversation. He just wrote that he felt like it and if i have prove i have to contact him again. Alain is going to give a speach in Antwerpen. Tickets are for sale on internet. The funny part is that the place were Alain is going to give his speach, nobody heard from Alain. Thats what the man from the news paper told me. He is going to write a big article about Alain Horoit.