Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Joel Leyden Creates Fake YouTube Channels to Publish Fake SEO Self-Promotional Spam About Himself

It's been a while since we've posted here, but there's been many new developments. Joel Leyden and his partners Phillip Pasmanick and Alain Horoit continue to harass, defame, defraud, and spam many good people, while they publish self-promotional spam and lies about themselves.

The latest development is that it appears Leyden has created 7 fake YouTube accounts to publish self-promotional videos about himself and spam links in the descriptions for SEO purposes.

Pretty much anything "positive" you read about Joel Leyden is something he has written about himself. He does this in an effort to hide the truth about him, which is what we provide. If you do a Google search for his name, you can see what he's been busy doing in the past week. However, we do not recommend you click the many spammy links in such a search, as these guys are malicious people who support and spam malicious sites in a direct effort to breach the privacy, safety, and security of others. They steal content and photos of private individuals. They have tried to steal and publish social security numbers of others. These guys simply are not Kosher. Please stay aware from them and anything that looks positive about them and realize that they have written it themselves in an effort to hide the truth.

For example, we believe Leyden created the following fake aliases and YouTube channels for his self-promotional spam purposes. If you add "" before the /channel, you can actually visit these spammy SEO channels and see the pathetic attempts at self promotion, but we don't recommend you do that, unless you also help to report the channels and videos for spam, as we have done. We also sent a detailed email to Google and YouTube and their legal departments about Joel Leyden's abuse:
  • "Berlyn Jimenez: /channel/UCIGzMUkA0rjrUeG1rJqQXuA
  • "Elizababeth Mackenna": /channel/UCGT8VxqCJErRFIxcpsVvpqQ
  • "David Dorward":
  • "bhugz hug":
  • "Calvin Marlin":
  • "Ken Seifert":
  • "Stephen Liam"  channel/UCda1-dIxwk8BKSt5w9__cZg
Who are these folks? Is Leyden also in the business of identity theft? Why would anyone, other than Leyden, publish such self-promotional nonsense and lies about Joel Leyden? Again, we think this was done by Leyden himself. All the channels are brand new, have no subscribers and only have one video, promoting Joel Leyden, with a bunch of lies about the guy.

Here's a screencap showing the video results Joel Leyden created for himself in the past week. We hope Google/YouTube do the right thing and remove this self-promotional spam and abuse!:

Why is this so important? Because it's important that people get reliable and truthful information about others online. We know many folks who have been defrauded and scammed by Leyden and his partners. They didn't realize they were such scammers, because the truth about these guys has been drowned out by all this self-promotional spam. Meanwhile, these guys continue to try to maliciously defame, harass, and attack anyone who dares to disagree with them.

Unlike the police reports and lawsuits and mainstream media documenting Leyden, Pasmanick, and Horoit's abuse, nothing legitimate backs up their many false claims that they spread about others.

The Jewish Internet Defense Force recently wrote an article documenting many of their false claims, entitled:  Joel Leyden and Phillip Pasmanick's Harassment and Defamation Campaign
- in that detailed report, you can read how Leyden and Pasmanick created 8 fake Twitter profiles to harass and defame the JIDF and others they falsely accuse. Thankfully, Twitter, suspended all of them. Sadly, at least three of them still exist. 

Joel Leyden's partner, Phillip Pasmanick, has even gone so far as to harass and defame Jews and Israel supporters with Nazi material that denies the Holocaust.  The JIDF also documented that:  Phillip Pasmanick, "Israel and Stuff" Site Harass and Defame Jews---with Nazi Videos!

The video he spammed and harassed the JIDF with, was homophobic, racist, anti-Israel, and it denied the Holocaust. It should be an outrage to anyone who sees it. But rather than admit another terrible mistake, Pasmanick falsely claims that the JIDF photoshopped fake screencaps. However, if you search hard enough, you can still find the posts where Pasmanick was spamming the video, and the evidence exists in the Google cache, and different internet archive sites.

Beyond all this, Leyden is on a rampage, trying to suppress the truth about him from getting out. If you look at the Google results for his name in the past week alone, you can see it's all self-promotional SEO spam, in a direct effort to suppress the truth. Again, we don't encourage to click any of the links to his self-promotional spam.  These guys use and support many malicious sites and tools, actively trying to breach the privacy, safety, and security of others. It's simply unwise to click any of their links.

Everything we have posted here is the absolute truth. We're not out to harass or defame these guys. We are simply disgusted by what they are doing to others. And anyone who supports them or their spammy sites, need to know what they are supporting, that is, a lot of fraud, harassment, spam, defamation, and abuse.

Also, if you're an Israel supporter, you need to know that they simply do sloppy work when it comes to Israel. On Pasmanick Singapore-based "Israel and Stuff" site, he plagiarizes content from a known Israel hater and antisemite, Richard Silverstein. What type of educated Israel advocate would cite an Israel hater as a source for any information about Israel whatsoever? Yet he's done it, several times. So has Joel Leyden, and Alain Horoit. These fellas are simply bad news. And we hate to even have to tell you about it. But if we don't try to get the truth out, it will simply be suppressed by their endless supply of self-promotional spam, like what we have documented above.

And if you want to see examples of what they do to harass and defame others, simply look at this PDF ---Google some of the names of Leyden's many victims. See how he's even harassed and defamed his own brother, Brian Leyden. If you Google Brian Leyden, you can see just how sad this is. Here's a typical site Joel Leyden created, to malicious harass and defame his own brother, Brian Leyden: - how sad and pathetic is that!? Who would spend so much time, energy, and money to harass and defame their own family? Keep in mind, that's just one site out of many! And it's just one person that Leyden harasses and defames, out of many!

If Joel Leyden does this to his own brother, just imagine what he's done to the many others he even know personally and doesn't like for whatever reason! It's truly sick and sad stuff. We hope companies like Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter continue to wake up about this guy. And we hope more folks pursue legal action against Leyden and his partners. We realize these people are scary and relentless when it comes to malicious defaming others online. But we must unite to step up to bullies. And we must educate the people who are ignorant about the facts. We need your help to do that. Thank you.